Moldavite necklace

Moldavite necklace

A glass body formed by a meteorite from an ancient planet hitting the earth.

The natural Czech meteorite, with hundreds of times thinner than the hair of the "pneumatic ablation flow", is its natural breeding of anti-counterfeiting signs.

The refreshing green, you will like it at a glance.

It is formed by the energy from the universe and the impact of the earth’s surface.

In 1787, people first discovered this gem mineral that does not belong to the earth in the Moldavite River in the Czech Republic. It originally came from a mysterious universe and fell to the earth about 1800 years ago. In remote outer space, the body planet of the Czech meteorite has been orbiting for hundreds of millions of years. It is a very old planet. When it fell to the earth, the Czech meteorite was formed because of its super-large volume and a huge impact.
Material: Meteorite
Color: Green pendant
Shape: Irregular
Gender: Unisex
Pattern Design: Geometric
Size: vary

Available march 31st
    $120.00 Regular Price
    $90.00Sale Price


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