Ionic Foot Detox Practitioner  Accredited Certification Course

Ionic Foot Detox Practitioner Accredited Certification Course

Why Detox?

Our modern environment leaves us exposed to more contamination causing imbalance than any other time in history. Stress, toxins, heavy metals, foods we eat and electromagnetic pollution from mobile phones and computers leave most of us out of balance which can leave the mind & body feeling depleted. Our blood, tissues and organs all act like filters. As you expect filters need regular cleaning so do our bodies. In fact our body is the number one expert at detoxifying however we don’t recognize what our bodies need for this process. A combination of clean water, clean chemical free natural foods in moderation, exercise and mental relaxation is a fantastic start. However in a modern lifestyle we tend to get stuck in achieving this. When we haven’t  been detoxing naturally we become more and more toxic which can lead to all sorts of problems mentally and physically.

If you're interested in not only helping yourself but your community this is the perfect opportunity for you!

We offer classes online and in person. 

What we will cover:

• What is The Ionic Foot Detox and How Does It Work?
• Anatomy
• Benefits
• Studies
• Training
• Safety Procedures
• Sanitation
• Intake Forms
• Wavier Forms
• Marketing Tips and Tools
• Equipment Included
• Accredited  Certification

HIGHER VIBRATIONS LLC is an accredited training provider.

Crystala Rosemond is a Native American Medicine Woman, Shaman, Reiki Master.  Her mission is to help us Heal not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well

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