Detox Drops

Detox Drops

Our detox drops not only help you lose weight in your gut and feel better but it also allows your body to get more oxygen in it. Keeping it in a more alkalized state which is the key to optimum health.  

If you've ever detox before we all know that it's a mental battle on staying away from toxic or unhealthy foods, the good thing with this cleanse is once you have cleaned out all the sludge, harmful chemicals and parasites your body will crave what it actually needs. 

You will be more in tune with your body, have more energy, and mental clarity. 

This will help release toxins from your body, parasites, viruses, mucus, and plaque. 

Add 5 drops to 6-8oz of distilled water once daily.  Do not consume by itself. 
Do not use while pregnant.
Dilute with distilled water only.
Keep away from skin, eyes, pets and children. 

We are not responsible for misuse of this product. 

Not approved by the FDA

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