Bath Detox

Bath Detox

During times like these it is important to make sure our immune system and health is at it's best to ensure we stay healthy and strong.  Many people around the world love our bath detoxes and keep them on hand to stay prepared if they're not feeling well or want to help prevent sickness during these uncertain times. Try this all-natural product out when your not feeling and and you will too. 

When taking our Higher Vibrations Bath Detox you may experience sweating which is triggered by the all natural sacred herbs used and the temperature of the bath water. The warmer the bath, your better the experience will be.   

Why is that you may ask?

When your Lymphatic System starts to drain, you sweat. As you sweat your body is cleansing itself from toxins and impurities. This is perfect for the optimal functioning of our general and specific immune responses.

If your water is darker when your finished that's a good sign that you released unwanted toxins from the body. 

Notice how refreshed you feel not only physically...... but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.    

Bath Detox Health Benefits

Circulation increases throughout our organs, muscles, and tissue.

Our skin releases toxins such as alcohol and waste products, which helps our body detoxify.

The elimination of salt from the body can help prevent kidney stones from forming.

Physical exertion benefits from exercise.

Detox of heavy metals.

Elimination of chemicals.

Bacterial cleansing. 


 Other benefits and tips...
•Helps reduces fevers.
•Helps relieve nausea.
•Works wonderful for dry and itchy scalp.
•Gargle a pinch of Bath Detox mixed in a glass of water to help relieve dry or sore throat.
•Perfect for muscle pain, joint pain, inflammation. 
•Can be used on pregnant women and children as young as two months of age. 
•Safe for pets.
•Cleanses ones aura.
•Assist in detoxing the lymphatic system and body through the pores of the skin. 
•Can be used in humidifier to cleanse air. 
•Helps you maintain healthy skin and immunity. 
•Great for body aches. 
•Alkalizes the bathwater or foot tub.
•Soothing to the skin.
•Helps relieve dry, patchy, itchy, discolored, cracked, veiny and irritated skin.
•Boosts immune system.
•Great for stuffy noses and coughs. 
•Great for stress and anxiety. 
•Made with love and light. 
And so much more. 


Please let us know your experience we are still learning new benefits each and every day. 

How it works- pour contents into standard size bath tub or foot tub and soak body or feet for 30 minutes or until you feel better if sick. 

Stay hydrated. 

Instructions are on each Bath Detox. 

Not feeling well?

Infants and small animals Under 20lbs: 1/4th of a Bath Detox ( You may add more if needed when sick ) 
Children  20-30lbs:  1/2 a Bath Detox ( You may add more if needed but do no more than one full bath detox when sick) 
Children 31-99lbs: 1 Bath Detox ( You may add more if needed but do no more than 1 ½ bath detox when sick.) 
Adults: 1 Bath Detox
Children and adults 100lb+ : 2 Bath Detox When Sick.  

If you suffer with skin conditions use three bath detoxes your first week and one bath detox a week after.  Add apple cider vinegar for better results. 

Ingredients: all natural herbs, sea salt, reiki healing, love and light.
This product was inspired with the help of Christ.

To God Be The Glory! 

Disclaimers: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
If you are allergic to any type of herbs we do not recommend you use this product. 


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We value Customer Satisfaction above all else.

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