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HIGHER VIBRATIONS LLC is a family owned business.

Owner Dr. Crystala is a native american medicine woman, shaman, and detox specialist whose goal is to help others heal themselves naturally not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Her husband TJ Rosemond is who helps her run the business and is very supportive. Working together as a team and allowing God and Christ to use them is what has brought this business so far.  They are parents of five beautiful daughters.

We are well known for our famous all natural Bath Detox which has been proven time and time again to help many of our customers feel better after just 30 minutes of soaking. Its great for children and adults of all ages and has many wonderful benefits.

We have been featured on NBC, FOX, and CBS if you would like to read how we started.  

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To help others improve their lives in a positive natural and uplifting way. Her main goal is to help people live in their authenticity and reconnect to God. 


Seeing many people around the world reconnect to God, Nature, Themselves,Their Families and Community. 

Heaven on Earth is on its way!